A sign from Mum ?

We have been having a few storms over the last few days. Nice cool to warm days and thunder and rain in the afternoons and evenings. Mum always loved thunder and lightening. When I was a small child Mum used to say " Judy my girl, Don't be scared. It's only GOD and the ANGLES bowling. "

Well we were driving in the car over the weekend and I was staring out the window thinking of Mum. (All this thunder and lightening have kept Mum even closer in my thoughts.) Off in the distance I started to hear thunder. As I always do I said " I love you Mum ". And just as I finished saying it a massive bolt of lightening hit the tree in the padock we were driving past. It was like Mum answered me by asking GOD to show me a lightening strike up close.

I know this is an eveyday occurance, but it's something I have never before seen. Like everyone else I have seen lightening strikes on TV but never have I seen it so close in real life. You could say it was just good timing and luck...

But I like to think it was A Sign From Mum..
Saying to keep our chins up and smile...
She's watching over us..

I am finding it very difficult to find my balance without you Mum.
But I will try to keep my chin up and smile for you..
I love you and miss you terribly Mum.

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We Will Love You Always