The Oldest Photo of any Fuller ....

Ive Found It!!!!
"The Original Rotogravure of Jonas and Clarissa Fuller dated 1846"
Jonas was born in 1792- Monkton VT and is burried in Bolles Cemetary, Susquehanna County PA - near Laceyville PA.
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Hi Joe
I remember it now, Mom has shown it to me many times. Now I have faces to go with those headstone pictures.
The Cemetery is The Bolles-Fuller Cemetery, so the big steel State Marker Sign states, in Susquehanna County. An Indian name. The town it's near, well, about 15 miles from, is Laceyville, Named after the Lacey Familey.......... Mom used to know Doctor Lacey. Lacey, Wick and Fuller are the major names there. Laceyville is on Rt. 6, if you blink your eyes when going on the road, then you will miss Laceyville, a rather small place. There is a feed store for cattle, Wickes Lumber and a small food store along with a few small shops, post office and 2 gas stations.
Jim and Jane
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The United States Census for 1850 Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania Auburn Township
Name Sex Age Born
FULLER Jonas m 57 VT
FULLER, Clarissa f 42 VT
FULLER, Harriet f 11 PA
FULLER, Charles m 10 PA
FULLER, Josiah m 8 PA
FULLER, Clarissa f 12-Sep PA
Josiah was Mom's Great Grandfather.

The photo is amazing to look at.... it is inlaid in a pressed metal frame... the photo itself is a "Rotogravure" , one of the very first publicly availably printing types of photos. Its printed on a waffer thin sheet of metal with gold embossing around it and has a "laminating" type of coating over it......
This very unique and historical family item has been bequethed by mother to our oldest brother Jim.
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FULLER, Jonas > died 26 January 1882; 89 years 9 months 26 days
GAR 1861-65; sign by the grave, the gravestone records Soldier of 1812
FULLER, Clarissa Main > died 3 October 1883; 76 years 10 months 27 days

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