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Just for you Mother....

We Will Love You Always.


Ive found myself looking back into the past
To see a blurr of ups-n-downs
From a mainsail torn from its mast
To my glowing Mother in a sparkling ballgown

Ive found myself looking around about the present
To see a blurr of ups-n-downs
No celebrated birthdays or aniversary present
Just the continuing thoughts make me frown

Ive found myself not looking forward to the future
Seeing a blurr of ups-n-downs
Life is like this by nature
But you must first survive the downs

Ive found myself looking around at nothing in particular
To find the most intricate detail so easily missed
The quiet emptyness so draining, so intense, so demure
Continues the storm of emotions and drives the rain and the mist

Ive found myself looking and needing to find myself


We Will Love You Always