Memories of Grandad Jonas Fuller

What all would You like to know about Grandpa Jo? it was just JO, not JOE. JO is short for Jonas. He was bald at 16. He only had a birthday once every 4 years, born on a leap year. He like to joke and play jokes. He love to go on Holiday and FISH, loved catching his beloved Pan Fish......... Rock Bass, Blue Gills, Perch.... when cleaned, 2 of them fit in a pan just right. He had a wonderful train set in the cellar too, started out with 'O' gauge and then switched over to "HO" Gauge. He was a licensed Electrition and the money he made doing that, Grandma would let him have for his trains and his fishing. I'll work on remembering more. Grandma Jo was Pennsylvania Dutch, German Decent. Rulapough was her Maiden name.

Another neat thing about Grandpa JO. For breakfast, he liked Corn Flakes and Eggs. Poach the eggs, put them in a small bowl and chop them up a bit, but NOT TOO MUCH. Some thought it was a raw egg, it wasn't, it was poached egg, but looked raw. Now, add the Corn Flakes and fill the bowl with milk and add a bit of sugar as YOU like. He also loved Peanut Butter, by the Table Spoon Full.
I sent You how to make Grandpa Jo's poached eggs with Cornflakes. Go ahead and post that too. Some will say the eggs were raw, but they only looked raw, because of the way he poached them, whites would still be a wee bit runny.

By Jim


We Will Love You Always