Josiah O Fuller , Ivah Ruth Fuller & Alonzo Curren

Firstly a very special Thankyou to Pam & Todd Curren who have supplied the pictures, also to Dorie for the family communications she has been involved in with Pam and others, also forwarding them to me.

Pam indicates that the back of this picture say's "Josiah O. Fuller with his Greatgrandkids".... (Edit from Joe) I am then simply assuming that Jonas Luther Fuller & Ivah Ruth Fuller-Curren would then be included in this picture, but as my eldest brother Jim reminds me > Josiah O. Fuller had many many greatgrand children.

Pam says this is a photo of Ivah Ruth Fuller & Alonzo Curren on their wedding day, Jack Curren's parents & Todd Curren's Grandparents.

It realy is fantastic to be able to put a face to a name.
Thankyou ever so much Pam for sharing these with us all.

Mothers Life & Love of Organs

I dont know when Mother's first experience of playing an organ was but I do know and strongly remember her love of organs.

I remember as a child still in USA Mother playing the organ for church and I was helper with lighting candles and as bell ringing, bouncing up and down on that huge bell rope, or as it seemed to an 8 year old.

I was ever so pleased to hear Mother mention her previous organ playing in the video I posted - USA Visit, Cayuta.

Upon arrival in Australia after moving into our first house Mother got her first organ here. I also remember as an 14 year old here in Australia playing a recital in church with Mother playing the organ and I the trumpet, we played 3 pieces much to the amazement and amusement of the congregation. Mother was ever so flattered by the compliments we recieved.

I know for fact that Mother's most memorable, cherished & honoured moment in time was her invitation by "The Order Of The Easter Star" to play organ for their "Grand United District Ball" .... the organ Mother was to play was the famous"Grand Organ" in Sydney Town Hall. Unfortunately no pictures or recording of this event exist to my knowledge.

Mother continued to own & play organs into her last year of life.

One organ piece in particular I ran accross as a teenager absolutely took my breath away, Mother gave me a personal attachment to it by saying it was "The most powerfull piece of organ music ever composed"... Mother's words perfectly described my emotion upon hearing it. I never could remember the name or composer, even telling Kevin some weeks ago that I wish I could remember the name and saying to him, "How do you describe a piece of organ music trying to identify it" ... so I started to sing it.. to no avail, Kevin must have thought I was looney. About 4 weeks ago at my shop I asked a regular customer, a lovely elderly lady of near Mother's generation about this piece... so I started to sing it.... she said the sound was familiar but could not help.

My search for music with no name or composer continued... until tonight,
Ive found it!! Bach: Toccata & Fugue in D-minor BWV 565
I have added it to Mother's Music and it is the starting music on opening "Fullers Pond" for the moment.

As all classical music goes, and I am definately no expert, there are many recordings / tempo's by many different artists... I have to say that the version I have added is very good but I have found a supremely higher quality recording, this recording stirred that same emotion of many years ago.

This recital is Copywrite by Frederik Magle and is absolutely stunning, played on the famous organ in Riga Cathederal, Latvia (Russia). I strongly recommend visiting Frederik Magle's Site and reading the info about the Riga Catheredal Pipe Organ.
Listen to Frederik Magle's recital of "Bach: Toccata & Fugue in D-minor BWV 565" (Dont forget to pause "Betty's Juke Box")

My Love of Music began with Mother's Love of Music.

We Love You Always Mother

Newest Generation of Fuller

Congratulations to Charolette & Congratulations to the Newest Fuller Grandmother, Dorie!!!
Introducing Madelyn Marie Stringer born 1st Aug 2007.
Awww Isnt She So Cute !
Hi World! Im now home with my mom :)
Edit: Sorry - Photo's removed by request.


We Will Love You Always