Gabriel's Calling - Jim Appleton

With great sadness and sorrow of anticipation,
I knew the reason and content of the next phone call from our youngest sister.

100 hours earlier I spoke, knowing you could only listen
Knowing not one word would be spoken, I could but only listen
Through the silence you spoke, and in the silence you still speak

Your voice turns to melody, not answering my words
Conversation begins, in my head not my ears
The heaven's and valley's are erupting in great cheers

Nearly 10 years have passed, since the last words of Mother were spoken
I was so near and you were so far
Today... it is I that am far
Through the sadness I know, from one family you pass
Your blood left behind, future history forever cast
You are with the greater family now, for there is no real mystery

You are forever at my side my brother.

James Edward Appleton. 17/3/1947 - 25/8/2016


We Will Love You Always