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Hi All ....

As per previous emails ive explored starting an internet family tree....

Click on this link to Fullers Pond Family Tree and join this "Family Tree" site as well .... all info from everyone is needed to ensure this Family Tree is a success for future generations!

At this stage this is the best programme I can find for this purpose... its not as "pretty" as I would like it to be but these are the shortcomings of free internet software. It is a little confusing to navigate to start with so take your time, I found that the "Pedigree & Descendancy" options show the tree well.

Firstly, a couple of rules!

A) Privacy (a)- Living Family Members - If a living family member does not appear on this updated family tree site it is because of their wish's - direct all enquiries to them, not me... im only following their wish's! ... also if you wish for your details to be omitted please email me.
B) Privacy (b)- Living Family Members - Due to the very high number of "Info Bots" always searching the internet for more "Big Brother Info"... I have purposely omitted Birth Dates, Marriage Dates and all other personal info and ask that anyone adding data to this tree respect this same privacy for everyone. (See attached pic of "Info Bots")C) Accuracy - As per Jim's email comment - any info that is added must be accurate! Please feel free to address all of my spelking mistakes... Thanks Jim :)

I do Hope & Trust that everyone will pay all "Due Respect" for all our Family Members -Past&Present- as to the intentions of any ommitions & additions.

Love to All

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"Toga" Joe said...

Part of an email I recieved from Jim...

Another point Family. Our Fullers did not come over on the Mayflower, as Mom tells it. Our branch came over on the Mayflower, yes. BUT, they came over on the SECOND trip she made to Cape Cod from Holland, NOT England. This was a year after the first group came over.

The people on the Mayflower paid the Shipping Company to take them to Virginia. The Captian of the ship was paid an extra fee to take the "cargo" way up north and just drop them off, "maybe they will starve or freeze to death!" The people that made up the Cargo, were outcast and were not wanted by anyone, they had turned on The king, they now all had a price tag on the heads!!!!

I wish I still had the book that I let Mom take back with her, the last time she was here, it is a very true stroy about the trip, the people, the crew and life when they landed. No Joe, the book you sent is not the book. It is written from the actual records kept by all of the people on board. It even has a copy of the Mayflower Pact signed by the wise men of the group, of which Dr. Samual Fuller was one. Dr. Fuller's son, Edward, was on the first ship, his other son, from which we come, was on the second. It's all in that book. Dates, places, times, events and peoples names. Edward and his wife dies of "The Sickness" the first year.
EDIT FROM JOE: I am looking for this book but at this stage have not found it amoungst Mothers belongings. -End Edit-
If any one ever gets to Plymouth, Mass., you just have to visit the old plantation. Dr. Fuller's house is still there and you can go inside it, for a small fee. Then go see Plymouth Rock and laugh your head off at them! The first group to go a shore, went in a small Long boat, Miles Standish was in charge of them. When they got in to where the bottom of the Long Boat scraped on the bottom, Miles Standish jumped over the front of it into waist deep water and pulled it as far as he could, the others then joined him, in the water. Plymouth Rock was put there in text books ONLY, just so it wouldn't look crule or stupid to history book readers. Then someone hauled in this old rock and it has become part of the story. They were all scared to death of the Savages, the Native Americans.

The story was, that the savages would kill all of them for no reason whatsoever, just to kill them. The funny part now, Family. They had some small buildings up and a small fort with a canon for protection. Every one of them wanted nothing to do with the canon or guns that Miles Standish was trying to teach them to use. Now, one day, here comes this SAVAGE, walking down the beach! Standish and a couple of the others went out to meet this SAVAGE and see what would happen. The SAVAGE walked up to Standish, held out his right hand and said, "Welcome!!!" In perfect English!!! This was the turning point for life at the plantation, everyone became very close friends over the next few months. This SAVAGE was......... OH Brother, how do I spell it?? Massasoite. He was captured as a child, taken to England as a slave and learned English, got a very good education, excaped and went back to Cape Cod. He was the "go between" for some time at the Plantation.

Also! In the book, there are a lot of actual documents from the people. A LOT of, "With God's help," "God be with us," "May God guide us." Now we can't say it at all!! OUR FAMILY founded this Country with the help of God, with God as their guide!

Enough of this for now.



We Will Love You Always