Visit with Kevin 17th July

Hi All ....

Today I went and visited with Kevin for the day. It has been over 6 weeks since my last visit. He has been to visit it his sister in Taree - 10hrs drive south. He had a nice visit with other relatives as well.... was good to have him return safe as he drove himself the entire trip, doing the write thing and stopping heaps and with an overnite stop half way.

We chatted for a while before one of his neighbors noticed I was visiting and insisted we stop over for coffee. Then the conversation turned twards fish tanks - not by my doing - the neighbors husband has recently passed away making conversation even harder as it was he & I that did all the chatting in the past. She asked if I would take the fish tank away as she had no knoweldge of it and to add to it, she is not very mobile as it is..... so the day quickly dropped in overall tone.... the main topic was now turned into one of our mutual loss's of loved ones.

After the tank was empty and loaded Kevin invited me back for another coffee (im realy getting bloated now!!!) ..... and started a conversation with ...
"Well Joe, its time I admit something that ive kept from you for 6 months" .... "When we were waiting for a death certificate, I didnt tell you the whole truth about the length of time that it had taken" ...... "When I recieved the death cert I noticed first it wasnt your mothers Dr's name on it, then I re-looked at the name {Elizabeth Anne Mobbs}.... so after a couple of phone calls, as it happens.... both ladies passed away on the same day." ...... "I didnt want to add more stress to anyone else's plate, so I delt with it without telling you."
I thanked him for his honesty then chewed his left ear about doing it all by himself...... Kevin replied "Your mother would have done the same.... then moved to the right ear!"
We had a great laugh and a sad cry together.

Here's a quick pic before I packed up and headed home.

Kevin pass's his 'Ello's & Love to All.

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