Brand Park

How come you missed the huge swimming pool at Brand Park - south side of Madison Ave Bridge???!!!!

My grandmother lived just across the park on Horner St and I'd 'beg' a deposit $.05 milk bottle, cash it in and could swim all day!!! I'd walk down from the old No.9 School, through the tunnel and on down. Can't quite recall the lady who was the LifeGuard for years n' years but she sure kept those older teeners in line!!! MRS.....?? Anyone recall?
We could buy frozen candy bars at the tiny 'shop' in the park and chew on it for hours.

My dad used to bring me down here evenings after a good rain. Best time to catch the largest 'nightwalkers' for fishing you ever saw!!
When my youngest two kids and I were living on Lormore St, I'd bring them down, fasten them into baby swings and they'd almost get dizzy swinging.


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Anonymous said...

I remember Brands park, matter of fact the school I went to sat just in front of the swimming pool there at the park. Annette Appleton


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