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We were settled in the western suburbs and had already done a few train trips into the "Big Smoke" of Sydney and seen the harbour. It wasnt long after we arrived in Australia when mothers instinct to roam the bush started to kick in again. Now with having a car mother started to look further afield and found this place called "The 3 Sisters"... with a cute sounding village out in the mountains named Katoomba.

With a small amount of research (mother's speciality) mother had concluded it would be a nice days return trip for a BBQ in the mountains to see who the 3 sisters are! The 3 Sisters are in Jamison Valley... part of the "Blue Mountains", a small (by comparison) mountain chain that runs the entire east coast of Australia, North <> South.

It was during one of these early visits that mother "knew" that this was the place she truly felt at home... and the place she wanted to call her final home.

As at this stage I havnt found any pics of very early visits..
This pic was taken in 1996, mother lived alone in Morriset and asked if I would drive her out again to visit the mountains.
Instead of the now "Old Fashion" BBQ, mother and I stopped in Katoomba and had a fabulous lunch of "Reef & Beef" ... (steak/prawns/calimari & a nice sauce).

After lunch we went for a walk throught the tracks, we managed to get ourselves 50% of the way down to the bottom of the valley where there is this beautifull water fall and still deep pool. We sat there for ages chatting about everything as we always did.... mother contemplating her future before wonderfull Kevin came along, the rest as they say, is history ... except for 1 other note worthy mention....

After mother moved into Kevins house in Gloucester, when we would visit eachother, mother would allways say what fond memories she has of visits to Jamison Valley.

About 6 months after Mother & Kevin married I told them of my plans to move to Northern New South Wales to build and open an Aquarium shop. Mother asked if I could find the time to make another trip to "The Valley".

March 2001 would be her last visit to "The Valley" before Mothers Final Bushwalk on 29/12/2006.

I miss you so terribly mother....

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