Our BIGG Dog "Little"

Joe & and Judy mentioned our old dog "Little". Little was a St. Bernard that mother had brought home. The women that gave him to us had him and his brother. At times the two would get to play fighting under her kitchen table and would almost nock it over. So, she decided to get rid of one.
I remember all of us laying on the living room floor using Little as a pillow to watch TV. During the winter, we would hook Little to our sleds and he would pull us around the yard. At the time we lived across the street from the Fire House, and every time the siren went off, Little would sit out in the yard and howl along with the noise. We would all watch and laugh at him. Mom would say the noise hurt him ears and that is why he howled.
I remember the mess he would make every time he would take a drink from his water bowl. He would raise his head after getting a drink and drool would be hanging from his face. Better be far enough away, cause than came the shaking of the head and droll would go all over the place. If you stood to close, you would get covered with droll. I miss our BIGG Dog "Little", he was a very gentle, loving dog.

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"Toga" Joe said...

Thankyou for that Annette!

"Little" was such a cool pet, I also remember being dragged around on my sled and the never ending drool spills.

I remember one year during winter, school was going to have a "show and tell" day.... I ssooo wanted to take Little, more to the point.. I wanted him to take me to school.
Mother insisted that the havack he would create would be more than the teachers could bare for the day and it would not be fair on Little as well.

I dont remember what I did on the day but suffice to say....

Mother was correct :)

I bet Little is at Mothers side now.


We Will Love You Always