Mother's Day Memories

With Mother's Day fast approaching I find my thoughts drawn to Mum.

There are so many special things that Mum and I shared between us, one of those things being a Mother.

I remember when I was small and Mum would ever so occasionally say something like ' You'll change your mind when 1 of your own kids does this or that.' I would give Mum one of the strangest looks, like she had suddenly spoken in a foreign language. This always brought a knowing chuckle from Mum.

Mum, being the very special woman that she was, gave special thought to my very first Mother's Day gift. Just before Mother's Day 1985,we were out shopping and sat down for a coffee. We started remembering some of the Mothers Day's we had spent together. Mum being Mum, managed to swing the conversation to how being a mother changed EVERYTHING in your life. Mum impressed on me the importance of time. Time to love, Time to learn, Time to play, Time to teach, Time to share and Time to grow. Mum used the analogy of the slow moving caterpillar. When the time is right it makes it's cocoon and spends the time it needs to grow and change into a beautiful butterfly. Upon finishing this sentence Mum presents me with a perfect butterfly broach. Mum then went on to say that now I had grown from the caterpillar into my own perfect butterfly. Needless to say butterfly's are very special to me.

And now I find myself in the same position Mum was in. Buying that special 'something' for my daughter on her first Mother's Day.

I hope I do as good a job for TJ, as my Mum did for me.

Loving you always Missing you more.

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