Fond Memories

My name is Annette Appleton, I am the 5th of the 8 children mother had. I was the one known for bringing home stray animals. I remember one time while walking home from a friends house, I saw something rolling around along side of the street. Walking over to see what it was, I found a small baby kitten. As I was picking it up, I noticed to was bleeding from the head. With further investigation, I realized the poor thing looked as if it had been hit by a car. Being an animal lover as I am, I just knew I had to take this poor thing home and nurse it back to health.
Upon arriving home with a wounded kitten, mother... in her own caring way, says to me, " now Natta, you know that poor kitty isn't going to last the nite." And I told her in return, " Oh, yes it will." And with that I made a bed out of a old shoe box, laid that box on my pillow and laid next to it all that nite. When the next morning came, I woke to find the poor kitten hadn't made it through the nite as mother had said. Walking into the kitchen that morning with shoebox in hand and tears running down my face, mother in her caring way just says, " Lets go and bury the poor kitty out back." Never a " told you so" or anything. That's one thing I truly remember about mother, she was always there to tell you the truth, and if you still had to find out for yourself, she was never one to say, " I told you so". But she was always there to talk if you wanted to. And in learning this from her, I found myself raising my own daughter and granddaughters the same way.

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