Mum's Birthday 2009

This year my very thoughtful husband decided I would spend Mum's Birthday visiting with her at Echo Point. It was a very special trip. First time I have been able to spend Mum's actual Birthday with her again.

On this trip we spotted what I think was a pair of Lyrebirds. There was also a pair of Yellow Tailed Cockatoos flying over head, but they didn't stop closely enough or for long enough to get a nice photo.

We spent about 1 1/2 hours with Mum and then some rain clouds started moving in. It was Mum telling us to make the start for home. She knows it's a long 4 hour drive.

I again visited this little shop in Katoomba, Heart of Stone, where I have picked up all the little friends within Betty's Garden. This time a precocious little fish called to me as I passed it by in a stone water feature the shop owner had set up. I'll put it in Betty's Garden for now, but when the new fish tank is up and running I might put it in there.

I enjoyed our visit Mum and miss you terribly.


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We Will Love You Always