Big Dave takes on the BIG WALK!!!

Hi all not sure if Judy has told anyone or not but still I will if she hasn't.

OK so as some of you might know I've been on a weight loss journey for the last 19months and well I have lost 104kgs/228.8lbs as of today and well this is where you come in.

As I've gotten smaller my fitness has gone up and well I have been challenged to do a 5kms/3miles fun WALK/run for breast cancer research this is a close to my heart as it is to us all.

So please sponsor me and the walk its all tax deductible for Australian residents for donations over $2 that is.

If you feel the need to sponsor me greast just follow the link.

sponsor me please

If you would like more info about me and where I've come from and going to please visit my site. BIG Daves journey

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