Betty's Garden has grown.

As predicted Betty's Garden has grown a little more again. There is now a lovely garden swing and the planting has spread to the other side of the swing to include an old metal wash tub filled with Lavender. I have a mix of the dried Lavender blooms and some of the dried rose blooms from Mum's bouquet's as potpourri in my bedroom.

Mum's Frangipani is flowering well with 2 more blooms opened. I have it next to the Port Wine Magnolia. In each pot now lives the little treasures I found at Echo Point while visiting with Mum.
On the other side of the garden is our windmill and overflowing barrel. A lovely cottage garden mix of blooms.

Missing you more each passing day Mum.
I hope Betty's Garden brings a smile to your beautiful face.

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We Will Love You Always