Betty's Garden at home ..

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Mum's passing. I hope everyone will take a moment to sit, reflect and remember.

I often take a moment or 5 to sit and remember Mum. Her love of plants inspired me to make a memorial garden here at home.

I have a few plants that were special to Mum, Bizzy Lizzy's ( Impatients ), a Frangipani, a Crepe Myrtle. I also have a few that are special to me, a Daphnie Adora, a Red Japanese Maple, a Port Wine Magnolia.

Scattered among the plants are little treasures like a frog and a turtle. I buy a little treasure at Echo Point each trip up to visit with Mum. Bruce the Garden Gnome keeps an eye on everything within Betty's Garden, so feel free to relax, refresh and spend a moment or 5.

Mum, I miss you more with each passing day. I know you are watching me everytime I look at your garden here at home.


"Toga" Joe said...

Great start to what will become a stunning garden sis!!
We all love and Miss You Mother...
So sad and empty not to hear your voice....

Dorie said...

Lovely garden Judy!


We Will Love You Always