Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas The Night Before Christmas
Sitting alone in my house
When my favorite voice said
Get up and get out

Go forth tonight
And share my Christmas Spirit
The one that I showed you
The one in your heart

So with that voice came
A flood of thought and good cheer
A warm thought of sharing
That would last many a year

So with my plan devised
Beautiful rain & mist a blowing
I headed to find my goal
The outcome was mine unknowing

Strange glares and points of question
Then followed me around
As one by one throughout the crowds
Giggles and laughter would then abound

With my Christmas stocking but empty
An elderly lady commanded my look
She then proceeded to kiss me on the cheek
As she thanked Mother & I for her copy of the "Loo Book"

(c) Joe Payne

Merry Christmas Mother
Your Memory and Spirit Shall Live Forever

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