Sadness and Memories

Its been a long year. One that we all have come through and endured in our own ways. For me it has been the saddest year of my life.
The loss of my best friend and Our Beloved Mother.
Reliving every day since August, one by one almost as if it were a count down and none were to be missed.
Everyday rereading the emails I sent each day 12 months ago.
Everyday still feels like the first.

I just didnt have the strength last year to put a tree up. I didnt think I could this year either.
As Judy and I were wondering about the house with box's and odd's and ends strewn about, I heard this little voice in my head...
"Judy!!, Jody!!... Where is my Christmas Tree??"
As I mentioned this to Judy I could see my feelings in her eyes. Judy confirmed that she too was less than enthousiastic to put a tree up this year and that her husband Dave was the main instigator. So as hard as it was we started on a small, 18inch "mini-tree" that Mother had. A couple of hours later as I was coming up the stairs I looked at Judy and repeated the same again..
"Judy!!, Jody!!... Where is my Christmas Tree??" .... I had Mother's Tree in my arms.
We then proceeded to decorate Mother's Christmas Tree... including a candle each, for Mother.

I wish to say a special Thank You to our little sister Judy.
You have been a stern support for me over the years, showing again this weekend, your never ending charity and love. Your visit here over the past 5 days was the only tonic to get me through. I couldnt have finished my duties without your presence, love and support .... I am always in your debt.
Also a big Thank You must go to Dave and Brett for being Judy's support this past year.

The following is a little poem written on a Memorial Card and was read aloud at Mother's Memorial Service's last year.

The Candle of Hope

Light a candle for me this Christmas,
To share that hope lives within,
For even though we are now parted,
One day we will meet again.

Watch the flame as it dances and flickers,
Watch as my memory lives on,
In the hearts of all who are gathered,
To celebrate this Christmas time.

Light a candle for me this Christmas,
It's in hope that we'll meet again,
In the land of no sorrow or mourning,
In the land where there is no pain.

Light a candle for me this Christmas,
To celebrate all that I was,
And may angels gather around you,
To bring comfort when you're feeling lost.

At Christmas, We Remember....
You will always have a special place within our hearts.
Loving Memory of
Elisabeth Ann Fuller-Mobbs
24th March 1928 - 14th December 2006

Our Undying Love is Yours Forever.

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