A story about the "Story Teller"

As you all are well aware mother loved to write story's. To get any of them published was beyond her wildest dreams in the early years. I wont go into detail of mothers complete works, i'll save that for a seperate post. This post is to focus only on one book..... "The Loo Book".

I had relocated from Canbera (where Judy lives now) to Newcastle when I heard of mothers hospitalisation for emphesiema, so to be close and help where I could. After what was an absolutely amazing recovery (other lifestyle choices played a huge part as well) mother soon started on her writing again.

I was doing study courses in business management, advertising, digital graphic arts and continuing my "fishy" studies.... but soon found that all this study doesnt pay the bills. After several long conversations with Sonya we decided to buy an existing printing business and to publish books as well..... We proceeded to move the entire printing business into our home as we had a huge workshop down stairs. 2 printing press's, foil stamping machine, huge paper guilotine, industrial binding machine and much more.
Mother was totaly gobsmacked!

Within 6 months Mother and I had the basic layout of our first book. Soon we were proof reading, then the final proof... then we started printing.

We printed a total of 5000 books and I said to mother "Now we have to sell them!" ... mother chuckled.... "and I know how we are going to do that" I continued to say.... "Mother, get yourself prepared for a mini storm.... I have organised 4 local newspapers to interview you over the next 2 days!!". Mothers eyes popped and her jaw dropped..... "As well as that, the local TV station would like to do an interview". Unfortunately nothing came of what I was hoping to be good (free) advertising on the TV.

The most memerable comment from mother was how honoured she was by one of the editions in a paper.... to be mentioned and refered to in the same article as Mark Twain.

For Christmas I thought it would be nice to make a momento for mother. So I made a photo frame of these paper adverts for her new book.

This photo frame is now on the wall behind me.

I still have copies of "The Loo Book" available for anyone who does not have a copy. Email Me
*NB* Any and All Copywrite Material ever produced by the late Elisabeth Ann Fuller Mobbs is enforceable and are held in trust by me.

We Will Love You Always Mother

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We Will Love You Always