A Mother of Change ?

The 20th century will be know as the century of change > Huge Changes to mankind - all within a few very short decades of time.

Family life was & is realy no different > huge changes all within a few short decades.
Our Grandparents saw the first of this "electricity thing" , Our Parents saw electricity implimented into everyday life and had dreams/visions/TV shows about "The Future" ... which, we today take as common place & easily purchased over the counter.

Without pre-confronting Judy about this post I know to a major extent that I may be speaking for her as well.
By me being the second youngest sibling, simultaniously being the eldest here in Australia I feel I have come to understand many of my elder siblings comments.

Though we are 1 Family , we are many identities of time and place, each and everyone of us brought up in a different period of time and change...
... Afterall, 8 children + 25yrs + all those times of grief PLUS the fact of "two sides to every story" .... must equal many times of change, adaptations and other decisions.

Quoting our eldest brother Jim .... "The Mother you know and the Mother I know are two different people" .... and only now I feel the unity of such a decisive statement..... this is simply a statement of change! ..... and I'm sure that we could all say it in our own write to any other sibling and still have the same meaning.

Quoting an email from Judy (without her permission :( ) .....
"..... And harder yet, try as we like, we will never know the same Mum they know. I'm very glad I got the version of Mum that I did. I got the happier ( overall ) , more selfconfident, worldly, traveled, and life loving woman. I, out of all of Mum's children, had the great pleasure of watching my Mum grow with her grandkids.. I have more treasured family memories than the US family do I feel. My kids got to spend 20 odd years with Mum and the US family can't neccessarly say that"

Throughout our live's here in Australia, we too have been whitness to lifes never ending cycle of change.
I remember when we arrived,
Mother's "1st-decade"..... Mother was the first to get us out and about seeing things.... but then when we got there Mother was always the first to put the brakes on, often before we even got started, being ever so causious after jumping the gate....
Mother's "mid-decade" .... Mother tended to "float about" here and there.... clear ideas and goals.... and achieving them (ie: Visit USA twice in 4 years) ... but still seemed to be "a cup half full".
Mother's "final-decade" .... began with the underlying though yet to surface desire "to be loved for just being herself".... As we all know it wasnt long before Mother met Kevin and this desire of "childish giggles" returned to them both.

As we all can attest, whilst allways being "Mom/Betty/Elisabeth/Liz" people age the same way.... always changing & adapting while retaining the original essence of "Mom".

Thursday 14th June 2007 was 6 months to the day since Mothers passing.....
Thursday 14th June 2007 was the first day it snowed at "Mothers Resting Valley" in 8 years ......

As we all age and we all change...
One thing shall never change...

We Will Love You Always Mother

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We Will Love You Always