She's got the hiccups

I remember when my daughter was born. Mum saw her first when she was 5 minutes old. As Mum approached the crib the hospital had Tj in, Mum said to me " OH How cute, she's got the hiccups ". I tell no lie, as my daughter and other family members will attest to, Tj got the hiccups each and every time she saw or spoke to Mum. In November 2006 we had an early family Christmas. It brought tears to my eyes when Tj got the hiccups. Even in Mum's sad state of health at the time, Mum gave me a knowing nudge and wink in Tj's direction. Mum knew and remember when Tj first got the hiccups. Tj has said to me that she always thinks of Mum when ever she gets the hiccups.

Love you and miss you Mum..

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We Will Love You Always