Lookout Nan's got the scissors

WHOOSH !! Brett go's running through the house and out the back door.
BANG !! Goes the screen door.
And following hot on his heels runs Mum. With a pair of scissors in her hand..

Brett learned a hard lesson about Mum and scissors very early on in life. From an early age Mum was always giving the kids a hair cut. You remember the kind of cut I mean. The good old "Bowl Cut", put a bowl on the poor kid's head and cut around it. Mum was a real PRO at those..

About the age of 5 I was giving Brett a little more lei way with his hair cuts. He had decided that he wanted to grow a "Rat's Tail", a small piece of hair at the back of the neck that you let grow. The rest of the head is rather closely cut like a crew cut. Well Mum took a dislike to it and decided that she was going to cut it off. Mum was always picking up the scissors when she thought Brett was not looking or if she thought Brett was not aware of what she was doing. Something always gave her away though. Either a squeaky floorboard underfoot or Brett's sister yelling " Look out Nan's got the scissors !"

After about a year with the "Rat's Tail" Brett finally gave Mum the great satisfaction of cutting it off. I still have it in an old photo album.

Quite often when either of my kids or myself, see one of the other of us with scissors, one of us yells " Lookout Nan's got the scissors". And now with the birth of my first Granddaughter that saying will bear even more meaning to me.

Love you Mum and miss you terribly.

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