Jonas Fuller Death Certificate

Below is an email I received from Jim.
Thanks Heaps Jim

Hi everyone,

The attachment is just wonderful, a little hard to read but it's great Fuller history.

2 weeks ago, I sat down and talked with Bill and Barb Tite from Michigan. They were in town to visit there son, Bill Jr., who runs one of the many Horse Farms in the area. Now, lets see if you can all follow this, Bill Sr.'s grandmother was Lydia Fuller. Mom's grandfather was Miles Fuller. Lydia and Miles were brother and sister. Their father was Josiah Fuller and his father was Jonas Fuller, the one that walked down from Vermont.
Everyone of you now have a copy of the death certificate of Jonas Fuller, you can read the signature of Josiah on it too, down near the bottom.
Now, more neat news. Jonas Luther Fuller. On Bill's mother's side of the family is a Luther Seeley (spelling) and it's looking like that is where Grandpa's middle name came from. They were all very close knit bunch too.

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