I Am My Mothers Son.

These are my memories of some conversations with mother..... I very well will be wrong in the opinion of some as to the accuracy of said conversations. I never met my grandparents. I'm not speaking on mothers behalf - or on the behalf of any other family member!

I invite other family members to fill in where I have no idea.....

I remember many times.....
Elisabeth talking about her parents, grandparents and family in general. Its funny how family life changes as we all get older, its also funny how things will always stay the same.

Mother and I became best of friends over the past 10 years, no topic was off bounds.... even if the replies were only 1 sentance and of a "candy coated" nature. Mother always managed to tell the truth to me when ever I asked it of her, though she was always considerate of the "big picture" as not to tell me lies or lead me astray.

Dont get me wrong, mother and I had our "moments", as all relationships do. Difference of opinion was never grounds for the doors of comunication to be closed, if anything, over time... just the opposite.

I dont realy recall anything "ver-batum" that mother said about her grandparents but I do remember many things she said about her parents.

Mothers father, Jonas (Grandpa Jo), was a quietly spoken person who's silent presence in the room alone, commanded great respect wherever they went. Jonas was drawn to fine detail, always in "quality control" mode ( in my opinion this shows in a chistmas pic, Jonas appears to be scrutinising the christmas tree decorations).

Grandmother Mable (Grandma Jo) was also a quiet lady until something was out of order, mother passed on memories of a stern mother who knew the difference between black and grey. Grandmother Mable was a solid homemaker but didnt feel quite as home camping as Granddad Jonas.

Through out my growing up were many hundreds of conversations about mothers children, grandchildren & great grandchildren.... "Yes mother! ... I know I was only 5 years old when your 1st grandchild was born".... "Thats g/c number 3" ..... "Im going to be a Great Grand Mother" ..... "Now we have "Moira" thats g/g/c number 5.... or is that 4 ... " .

The point to this post is that mother taught me patience and compassion and a sence of being.

Patience = The ability to question ones self with a solid sence of empathy.

Compassion = The understanding that everybody has bad memories of some sort, its all to easy to focus on the bad.... the best & most simplistic of things seem easily forgotten or set aside.

Sence of being = The ability after questioning yourself, when you find you were wrong... to put my hand up and take responsability for such...... and by the same token, if I am not in the wrong... a sence of being never to be wavered from what I belive is correct... yet all at the same time, always retaining the ability to re-question myself with an open mind.

I Will Love You Always.

I Am My Mothers Son.

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