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This site has been created for family and friends to share memories of our Family Matriarc "Betty" and to continue the Fuller Family History.

Betty's Video Library

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Betty's Garden

Pls enjoy the video of the walk down to 'Betty's Garden', one of the many lookouts at Echo Point, Katoomba NSW, Australia.
Turn on your speakers and listen to the over powering sound of the waterfall as you first start down the stairs.
Enjoy the sometimes soft whistles and unforgettable calls of the bird life.
Take the time to remember ..

Today we would have celebrated your 87th birthday. But today is the 8th year we are marking this day without you. Each year my wishes for you are the same. Love and happiness. 

One of my fondest memories is of spending time baking and cooking with you. You taught me so many things. One of my favourites to make and eat is still molasses drop cookies. They always go down a treat.

So to honour your memory and to celebrate your birthday, I chose to spend some time with my godson Ashley making you a birthday cake. I now understand and share the joy you must have had while doing the same thing with me.


We love you to the stars and back.

On This Day....

11th January 2007, this site began.

In 2 years Fullerspond has had the pleasure of.....
9932 site visits, 297 different viewers from 18 different countries including, UK - Denmark - China - Japan - South Africa - Belgium - India - 29 states within USA - 5 states within Australia - Canada - Iraq.....

Fullerspond now contains over.....
50+ Individual Topic Contributions, 400+ photo's, 30+ clips of over 2 hours of video footage, Comprehensive Family Tree Site and much, much more... with so much more to come!

I would personally like to thank each and every one of our family members, relatives and family friends whom have contributed, shared and aided the remembrance of life and love.

Deus vobiscum


We Will Love You Always